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Lead Base Paint Abatement
ALD is certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for the lead-based paint abatement process.

Lead Base Paint Abatement

ALD has prolonged its resources to handle any size lead remediation project in schools, housing complexes, manufacturing plants, and public facilities. Whether the project need complete removal, component removal, or removal of loose and flaking lead paint followed by encapsulation, ALD use the safest, most cost-effective techniques and a highly trained staff to complete the job.

Lead-based paint is a serious business as it can lead to lead poisoning. For this, we perform Lead inspections and lead risk assessments for managing lead-based paint hazards. Lead paint abatement is a process in which we remove any lead-based paint hazard from the vicinity of people to minimize the risk of exposure. It is also ordered by law and involves special techniques not typical of other contractors. At ALD Services Corp, we provide a wide range of lead-based paint abatement processes.

Lead Base Paint Abatement

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