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Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Abatement is the process that controls the release of asbestos in the air from materials

Asbestos Abatement service NY

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Are you looking for an asbestos removal specialist in NY? or might you be searching best asbestos abatement contractor near me on a search engine? Your search ends here because Ald Services guarantees you a valuable service with professional planning at NO HIDDEN COST!

Asbestos has been a widely used material in construction, and, unfortunately, it has not yet been completely removed from all buildings. If you own an old house or building, it is, therefore, advisable to check for the presence of asbestos. To check, you need to contact the asbestos abatement service in NY.

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Asbestos abatement specialist, the Ald Services founded in 2009, offers solutions adapted to your needs and helps you remove asbestos in place.

From the initial advice to carrying out asbestos abatement work, Ald Services make your asbestos problem its main concern and make every effort to ensure you a quality service in compliance with the regulations and standards governing the asbestos abatement activity.

Upstream of the project, we take particular care in defining the constraints and requirements related to the project management. We develop the program to adapt the appropriate technical approach, estimate precisely the investment and operating costs, and determine the operation’s overall planning.

We understand your need-to-know and speak your language. You will get complete documentation from us addressing the full range of asbestos, lead, and mold issues.

Asbestos Abatement service NY

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A Responsible Service provider! Ald Services can provide professional service from initial contact to contract execution.

Planning And Execution

We keep our promises by:

  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Planning each part of your project in detail
  • Managing the support of the entire project
  • Complete your project on time and agreed-budget
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What is Asbestos Abatement?

Asbestos abatement is a series of techniques designed to contain the released asbestos fibers from asbestos-containing materials. The materials include building materials, furniture, wiring, insulation, flooring, and paint. Asbestos fibers released into the environment by these materials are brittle, making them highly hazardous for extended time period in contact with humans. Thus, these fibers must be carefully removed from the environment.

We provide asbestos abatement services backed by industry experts in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.

What to expect during the asbestos abatement process?

Before beginning the asbestos abatement process, a team of trained professionals will inspect the property and test to determine whether there are asbestos particles present.

If asbestos is found, then we will seal the space so that the general public cannot access it. Prior to starting the asbestos removal process, we ensure that everyone in the work area is protected. For this, we wear our safety vests, masks, and protective clothing. All individuals, especially those with respiratory issues, should wear protective clothing during the process.

We follow proper procedures and take care when handling asbestos-containing materials. This will help to keep your workplace safe and allow you to move forward without issues with asbestos exposure.

asbestos removal abatement

Safe work practice for Asbestos abatement

  • The workers are not allowed to eat or drink in the area containing asbestos.
  • We use drop sheets and barriers in the work area.
  • We make sure that asbestos dust do not spread beyond the work area and try to limit the exposure. For this, we make use of polyethylene sheeting barriers.
  • Dust particles around the work area is cleaned with HEPA filter vacuumed, and the dust is placed in a container. The container must be tight and suitable for asbestos waste.
  • Our workers clean the work area frequently while working and immediately after completing the asbestos removal work.
  • Our workers wear protective gear and decontaminate it by using a vacuum or damp wipe before removing the protective gear.

Asbestos abatement information for home owners

We have been doing asbestos removal for years and know how to handle asbestos contamination like professionals.

Where can you find asbestos?

  • Roofing and siding shingles
  • Insulation
  • Vermiculite
  • Vinyl floor tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, and adhesives.

If the infected area is in good condition, then do not present an immediate health risk. If the infected area is disturbed or is rotting, then you are at risk of exposure. Friable building material, which turn to powder when touched, poses a much greater health risk.

What you should do?

Test is the only way to find out if  home contain asbestos or not. If you find asbestos in your building, then your next step is to contact a licensed contractor for its removal.

We provide affordable, 100% safe, and reliable abatement removal services. Do not forget to contact us for more information. 


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