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Air Monitoring and Testing
We have experience in monitoring air quality and testing for a small residential home for large companies.

Air Monitoring and Testing

Ensure High-Quality Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos is one such attention-needed factor in your air quality. If your building or house has Asbestos, then it’s alarming and can cause harmful disease.

Therefore Ald Services analyzes your air samples to determine the concentrations of asbestos fibers in suspension in the air as defined in the Public Health Code.

Whether monitoring indoor air, ambient air, or measurements at the workstation, our experts establish sampling strategies by the regulatory provisions in force and the measurement objectives requested.

Our network of sampling antennas allows us to intervene quickly in most regions for all the required metrology. The filter analyzes by Ald Services are carried out within the agreed timeframe in one of our local laboratories.

What Is Asbestos Air Monitoring?

If it seems that there may be a risk in a building due to airborne Asbestos, environmental monitoring and sampling must be considered.

Monitoring air quality means continuously measuring the concentrations of pollutants in the ambient air.

What Is Asbestos & Why Is It In My Buildings?

Asbestos is a fibrous chemical that was used until the early 1990s to make various building structures. The threatening of Asbestos is due to the substance: when the fibers that compose it deteriorate, they are dispersed in the air and, if inhaled, can cause severe damage to humans.

How Often Should Our Monitoring For Asbestos Exposure?

Unlike most other property diagnoses, the asbestos diagnosis is valid for an unlimited period if carried out after May 13, 2021, and no trace of asbestos was detected. Otherwise, you should have to carry out a new check within three years following the property diagnosis’s delivery.


However, even if no trace of asbestos had been detected, it is strongly recommended to have a new diagnosis carried out each time the home is sold if the owner has carried out renovation work since the last diagnosis was made.

Indeed, this work may reveal materials or products containing asbestos. not visible when carrying out the previous asbestos state.

Why Entrust Ald Services With Asbestos Air Monitoring?

The Ald Services offers customers an Asbestos air monitoring service that includes all the steps necessary for risk assessment and all the support techniques by collecting samples.

We support you in:

  • Determining Asbestos fiber dust in-built buildings.
  • Determining the concentration of asbestos in the ambient air
  • Measure pollutants by related measurement methods.
  • Perform sampling in the air ( installation of pumps individual and environmental).
  • Analyze the filters.


If you consider our service worthwhile to assess the potential exposure to Asbestos fibers. In that case, the Air Monitoring Unit of Ald Services is highly qualified to map environments and artifacts containing asbestos.

Still Unsure, Why Not Let’s Help You?

Never worry about the quality of our outputted work. Ald Services ensures 100% customer satisfaction even if they have to extra mile for it. We provide Asbestos air monitoring service in NY.

“Start Analyzing your WORKPLACE, HOUSE, or BUILDING before it creates harmful diseases..”

If you have queries related to Asbestos air monitoring, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer your questions instantly.

The quality of air around decides the health of the workforce. Once pollutants are emitted into the air, only studying air pollution is not enough to estimate air quality. Also, air pollution is very complicated and their effects on buildings. This is where our air monitoring and testing services come into the picture. We help us to measure types of pollutants present in the air and their concentrations. This information can be used to take the right actions. Our air testing services include dust pollution, industrial air sampling, asbestos particles, and so on. .

During the abatement project implementation by the contractor. an ALD Project Monitor is onsite at all times.  The Project Monitor observes and inspects the contractor’s adherence to appropriate work practices according to the abatement design and applicable laws and regulations.


A comprehensive daily activities log is maintained recording information relative to the project. Daily air monitoring is performed to document any fiber releases from the work area. Negative air pressure inspections are also performed to detect possible defects in the sealed work area, so as to avoid fiber releases to the atmosphere. Weekly work progress meetings are conducted by ALD’s assigned Project Manager to determine work specifications compliance and to determine adherence to the time schedule.


After project completion, a detailed report is produced and submitted to the owner for record keeping.


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