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Asbestos-relatedDiseases and Health Monitoring

Asbestos-related diseases and health monitoring

While in older times, asbestos was a part of most construction materials, studies and research work have found that it is very dangerous. From small levels to chronic diseases, asbestos can cause many of them, and the only way to deal with things healthily is to get asbestos removal services.

What are some asbestos-related diseases?

As asbestos abatement services without proper protection can cause severe health issues, we will discuss some of them here.

1.    Asbestosis

It is a disease caused by exposure to asbestos that causes scarring and inflammation in the lungs. While it is not a type of cancer, it can still be chronic. When someone is exposed to this disease, they will feel a lot of pain while breathing, but there will be shortness of breath and tightness in the chest.

It is all because of the disease-preventing the normal relaxing and expansion of human lungs.

2.    Mesothelioma

Although this is the disease caused by breathing in asbestos by the asbestos removal work, the scope of this disease is not limited only to the lungs. It is because this disease can affect the stomach as well as the heart. In this disease, there are membranes formed in the body cavities, and they can lead to the production of tumors.

The worst thing is that this is very difficult to tell before diagnosing, and after diagnosis, most patients only have less than a year to live.

3.    Laryngeal Cancer

While mass alcohol consumption and smoking are the main causes of this cancer, asbestos exposure can be a leading cause of this cancer. Additionally, if all these 3 things come simultaneously, the condition can get even more critical.

4.    Pleuritis

The fibers of asbestos that get into the lungs are the main cause of this issue, where there is pleuritic chest pain in the person suffering from it. The situation gets worse and worse because of the inflamed surfaces inside the lungs rubbing against each other. The pain can even get worse while coughing and moving, and usual pain is felt while breathing.

5.    Ovarian Cancer

It may seem not to be true, but the studies have found that the women who have been exposed to asbestos get ovarian cancer because of this. While conducting tests, many samples came up with asbestos fibers in them, which is because of the fibers traveling through the bloodstream.

6.    Lung Cancer

It is one of the biggest diseases that asbestos exposure because of the asbestos abatement services cause. However, things could get even worse if the person exposed to this issue is also a frequent smoker.

7.    Pleural Plaques

This is another issue caused by the exposure to the asbestos fibers in the air, and this problem causes breathing very painful. However, this is not a very dangerous disease.


While the list of asbestos-related diseases is long; and most of them are chronic. They are mostly caused by non-professional asbestos abatement and asbestos removal services. Here we discussed some of the asbestos-related diseases.

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