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Asbestos Removal During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The microscopic particles of asbestos are the reason for some of the severe health issues like mesothelioma and lung cancers, and possibly laryngeal cancers. It is the reason asbestos remediation services were deemed essential and they are as essential during this pandemic as before due to the threats they pose. Hiring asbestos remediation services is a very wise action you will take that will help you in preventing any future condition.

The number of asbestos remediation projects in NY has significantly increased during the Covid-19. Due to the lockdown, many businesses, schools, and establishments were closed for an extended period. During the closure, many owners used this opportunity to make much-needed renovations that were unavailable during regular times.

It is an advantageous situation for property owners, but not so for the asbestos remediation works. As they are vulnerable to the Covid-19’s exposure implications during the course of their work. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential part of the asbestos remediation and wetting down the material to avoid exposure.

The other reason for the increase of asbestos remediation in NY is the new Climate Mobilization Act. According to the new regulations, New York has to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 40% until the year 2030. Therefore, many workers are working towards the installation of windows and insulation materials for conserving electricity.

Along with all the progress and work; safety is of the most importance. To ensure safety we as a company put our heart into our health and others’ health at first. Our team comprises highly trained and licensed specialists using specialized equipment to keep in check the threats that asbestos and Covid-19 can cause to maintain the standards we had.

Due to the sudden surge of work during the pandemic, asbestos remediation services face a shortage of supplies and professionals. Though the remediation jobs are high risk, they are essential even in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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